A course of dedication and innovation

BlueByte Software was established in 1990, by computer science and information technology specialists, with the main objective of creating high technology computer software systems. The history of BlueByte Software is characterized by the vision for the future. Its success was built through team work and an attitude to overcome any challenge.

BlueByte Software strongly believes that its most significant advantage is its personnel with the know-how it possesses. This belief established it as a model to be imitated in many areas. BlueByte Software continuously monitors the changing needs of the market and re-determines accordingly its work model. This dynamic policy allows it to broaden the spectrum of its products, rendering it flexible with many different solutions.

The company researches and develops new and innovative technologies far beyond the competition aiming to an integrated coverage of all the needs at low cost and high operability. The head office of the company is located in Thessaloniki, with a branch in Athens.

Historical Flashback

The insurance market was the first choice of the company. After 15 years of quality production, today it holds first position in software for Insurance Companies and Insurance Agencies with 2,000 customers, while the software for Hotels competes rewardingly with corresponding programs priced many times over. Subsequent to the successful course of the insurance products in MS-DOS environment, the company in 1995 the company presented the first immiscible insurance products in Windows environment, exploiting all the properties and technological innovations of the new operating system.

In 1998 it decides to produce programming tools for own use which it exports through the internet throughout the world. During the same year it is oriented towards the development integrated software for Hotel units. After a long-term investment lasting for seven years, the study of many Hotel programs (Greek and mainly foreign) and a cooperation with Hotel units, the very promising program HotelWorks, following European specifications, was presented.

Already it meets a great regard from the Greek market because it reaches and in many points surpasses programs vouchsafed internationally, maintaining though a Greek price. In 2003 RealEstateWorks is presented which addresses real estate offices and concentrates all the search smart technologies of BlueByte Software. During the same year the company participated and won an international bid in Cyprus for producing a computer system for the public Organization of Agricultural Insurance (insurance software). The bid was declared by and was supervised by PriceWaterHouseCooper. This original project was delivered in 2004 within the framework of the schedule, and today the OAI is one of the most ardent customers of the company.

In 2004 the product family of the company is enriched by web-enabled software. The innovation takes first place this time as well. The internet software runs on the customer s computers, without the need for expensively maintaining Web Servers, by offering immediate (Online) update at a low operational cost. All of the above products are accompanied by a number of automation mechanisms and naturally by a General Ledger application which is automatically fed by commercial programs.


Strategic objective for the BlueByte Software is the development of specialized solutions, having as a guide the state-of-the-art technologies and the use of the accumulated knowledge from the existing product lines. In this manner the company will be activated into new areas and new markets.

The basic axes on which the policy of BlueByte Software moves are the following:

  • Constantly upgrading of the existing infrastructure regarding installations and equipment. Maintaining the innovative character of the company products through improving personnel and high know-how.
  • Maintaining low production and distribution cost.
  • Exploiting the existing know-how in new domestic and foreign markets by reducing business risk through the non-accumulation of revenue to one product category.
  • Constantly upgrading the quality of all products, in order to exploit the most innovative technology and offer easy to use and functional products.

Head Office in Thessaloniki

Head Office in Thessaloniki

Athens Office

Athens Office