Insurance Agencies

The continuously growing course of BlueByte Software in the Insurance business, started through dynamic and stable co operations with acknowledged and well known insurance agencies.

The multiform of their tasks, due to the individuality of the various insurance companies the agencies work with, constitutes a demanding and difficult role for their organization. BlueByte Software can successfully play this role at all levels of computerisation, providing them with all the necessary tools to reach their maximum potential.

Covering all the needs of an Insurance agency however, isn’t enough for BlueByte. Continuing with the same efficiency and perspective for agencies that have the right to issue policies, brokers that can issue cover notes in behalf of one or more insurance companies, BlueByte escorts them to the next level of their organization.

This kind of companies has all the characteristics of an insurance agency and additionally some features of an insurance company such as pricing and issuing.

The attribute of our software to cover at all levels opposite needs without any special settings, ranks it at the top of trust for the companies.

The application consists of a unified system, where the production and accounting modules harmonically operate.


  • All the accounting data concentrate on the customer (customer based system) giving additional attention to the marketing fields.
  • The above definition, known as CRM, is surrounded by the completed modules of agents, insurance companies and branches.
  • The simultaneous monitoring of policies with the same or different belongings, fully applies in the program, adopting the definition of insurance objects.
  • The insurance “cover packets” are an indispensable part of the application.
  • The automatic renewals and policies changes ensure speed and reliability of these tasks.
  • From the agreements, cover notes or temporary patches in a fully modified script by the user can be printed.
  • The automatic calculation of commissions is based on a powerful system of parameters. Defining these values even the most complicated needs can be fulfilled, providing the commission outputs accordingly. Some of these cases include commissions per agent/object/cover, commission change per year (Basic life covers), annual readjustments of premiums where their commissions are calculated separately.
  • The pyramid commission system can be analyzed up to nine levels and can be modified to calculate the amounts using net premiums, outgoing or incoming commissions.
  • Using the loss module, all the details of an incident can be monitored which include full description, photos, amounts prediction using historicity, payments to the victims and those providing the appropriate service for the loss.
  • The volume increases, while reducing the working cost due to the ability of communication with third party applications, such as the import of volume into the program from nearly all the insurance companies, communication with coactive agencies or their branches, dispatch of reinsurance covers to the insurance companies.
  • Production targets retain ability and statistics are automated and offer the manager the capability of taking important decisions about the development of the business.
  • Policy delivery can be fully monitored through an automatic procedure of describing policy’s content.
  • Using the stored data of the program, a great number of various printouts, reports and statistics can be viewed and analyzed, while their outcome can be modified according to the needs of the user.
  • Some particular procedures such as quick payments issuing and the automatic input of money incomes using magnetic means or even email, are also supported by the program.
  • Marketing problems can be over passed by mass sending of information via email and simultaneous update of the database.
  • Modern methods of office organization like the unique document manager and the appointments calendar in a graphical environment are included.
  • All requests from customers, agents, companies and third parties along with their historical data, comprise an important tool of managing all standby tasks.
  • The parametric insurance branches designer allows the user to monitor only the components he requires.
  • Using the Internet, all the insurer colleagues and clients can have access to the data in an easy, fast and economic way (B2B, C2B).

Accounting Module

  • Every policy contains a number of specific parameters such as:
    • Customer charges
    • Agent charges
    • Companies credit
    • Agent commission credit
    • Agent over commission credit
    • Incoming commissions charges
    • Over commissions charges
  • Income and payments modules consist of powerful tools. Commissions refund with compensation (gross premiums minus commission) can be a very simple routine and doesn’t require any special actions from the user.
  • Additionally, income and payments methods can be unlimited and can be used at the same time in one action (cash, paycheck, credit card and bank deposit).
  • If there is a balance amount to be paid or collected, it can automatically be closed out.
  • The paychecks module is directly connected to the transactions and supports commissions refund at the cash exchange date.
  • Agents arrangements are defined per branch and operate along with the rest of the accounting module.
  • There is a direct bridge with the financial BlueByte’s Account Works software or even third party financial software.
  • Financial printouts (detailed and general ledgers, balances, journals, income statements, revenues) summaries or detailed are also part of the program.