Hotel Works

Hotel Works by Bluebyte Software is an advanced hotel management software application. It can offer to all contemporary hotel units a complete partner that can cover all of their computerized needs. It contains a great number of tools to manage Front Office and Back Office and all the necessary utilities in order to monitor all financial data with ease.

It is a state of the art product that took many years of research of different hotel needs and the investigation of existing software that cover these needs.

Additionally, it introduces novelty approaches in the management of a hotel business, which can only be observed into really expensive programs, designed for large hotel chains. These advances are now available for any size hotel units in a very low cost.


Hotel Works is designed to offer a complete management, either to individual hotels or even to hotel chains at the same time using one database. This means that the user can monitor all the hotel activities like bookings and availability, financial transactions and charges, for all the hotels of the chain and all these in one database.

Plans - Reservations

  • Reservations can be made through various ways. Some of these are room type or specific room reservation and automatic assignment of specific rooms for room type reservations. A cancellation of a specific booking can be easily done, while splitting a reservation of one room into two or more is also available.
  • A reservation can now be seen as a "folder" that may contain many rooms in different hotels, with different dates of arrival and departure. For example, we can input in one reservation folder all the bookings of a Tour Operator that may have many customers for different hotels and various dates of arrival and departure. This kind of grouping simplifies the monitoring of all reservations.
  • Interactive graphical room plan reservation system. A graphic plan where all the reservations can be viewed as diagrams. Using the mouse and the drag n’ drop technique the following tasks can be easily made: entering a new reservation, changes of arrival and departure dates, room changes or transfers, change a booking’s duration, room split, arrivals, departures and many more.
  • Interactive graphical room type plan reservation system. The availability of the hotel room types, presented in a graphical form, while having the ability of storing a new reservation or modifying an existing one.
  • Instantaneous room plan. Another graphical representation of the hotel rooms, which automatically reflects the current room status according to the arrivals and departures. All the features of the previous plans, i.e. reservations, arrivals, departures, charges e.t.c, are also included.
  • Reception Console. This tool is designed for performing the operations of checkins, checkouts and room transfers in a very easy and quick way. Online update of the door book and the customers history file are some utilities of the console.

Internet Online Reservations

  • Hotel Works can be directly connected to the Internet giving the customers or the tour operators the ability to apply for a specific reservation through the website of the hotel.
  • All reservations are directly made to the system of the hotel.

Price Lists

A lot of attention has been given to the construction of rates, so that all possible needs of any hotel can be covered, no matter how simple or complicated they might be. A complete set of tools is included which automates the creation, maintenance and checking of the rates. This can lead to rates with:

  • Unlimited time periods High, Low, Pick e.t.c, which include sets of dates all over the year.
  • Different hotel types Summer, Winter, All Year, e.t.c. with reversed high periods for their parallel operation.
  • Different rate types Door, Agents, Regulars, Internet etc.
  • The user may create multiple arrangement packet deals for specific reservations/rooms, for example breakfasts like Continental, English, buffet or even meals of different quality or value that are offered by the hotel and the customer can choose.

Financial Supervision

The monitoring of all financial data and incomings of all departments. The user may check any element that is related to money, from a deposit until all invoices that have been issued. Some of them are cash registry status, debits from third parties (companies, agencies, T/O), charges in advance, credits, discounts, even breakdowns or transfers of transactions from one room/customer/reservation to another.

Printouts - Report Generator

HotelWorks offers a large number of printouts with dynamic filtering options, covering every part of the hotel (reception, housekeeping etc). The user may create new printouts or modify existing ones with the use of a unique tool (Report Generator), which is included in the program. The manager may acquire first rate data regarding the reception desk and all finances, totally control the work flow and analyze important information using the provided statistics, diagrams and graphs. Their wise usage could undeniably lead to further development and reduce cost.

Additional Features

Hotel Works is also surrounded by a group of specially designed applications that can cover all the services of a hotel. These are:

  • P.O.S. : Point of Sales. A computer program that can manage the sales of various sections, like restaurant, bar e.t.c., usually through a touch screen monitor. It includes customers, receipts, invoices, stock reserves monitoring, pay checks.
  • P.O.S. Wireless: This program allows the user to manage the sales of a specific section through a wireless PDA device, e.g. a waiter placing instantly a customer’s order. This procedure contains a connection of advanced technology using the Internet Explorer or any other browser. This implies a complete independence in choosing the appropriate equipment, wireless connection through a local area network or even a wide area network using the Internet.
  • F & B: Food and Beverage. An application that allows the user to monitor the stock reserves, suppliers, sales, transactions, financial management, purchases’ invoices, payments, pay checks.
  • Hotel connection with P.O.S. : This connection will update a customer’s account, with consumptions that were made and charged to the room. All sections may communicate with the main system and the update will occur in real time and without using a bridge at the end of the day.
  • F & B connection with P.O.S. : Product quantities in stock can be updated according to the sales of P.O.S. These two applications are combined into one and the update will occur in real time as well.
  • Multi F & B – Multi Hotel: This is the most complicated case. Many hotels and many points of sales operating in a single database. The hotels may be situated in different locations and similarly the various sections. This combination of services among the hotels and vice versa, comprises a total management from just one screen.
  • Connection of the hotel with the Central telephone panel: This application will connect the call central telephone device and the program in a two way communication environment. For example, a customer may use the room phone to make a call and the charges will automatically be transferred to his/her account, or the receptionist may inform the program of an arrival or departure and automatically the central calling panel will switch on or off the telephone line. In case of many hotels at different locations, a separate connection program will be installed in each one of them and using the Internet they will communicate with the central database.
  • Connection between all applications and the Accounts Program: The module responsible for transferring financial transactions from all units to the Accounts Program. Online update is being used at this case without the use of serial files or hard to built bridges.

The Hotel Works software application also includes:

  • Fast and dynamic search engine for all database elements and export to other applications, e.g. Microsoft Excel.
  • Reports Designer. The user has the ability of designing and fitting in reports of his/her own preference.
  • Flexible database engine of astonishing high performance.
  • Fast Backup (file saving).
  • Internet Forum, from inside the application, with questions and answers concerning the functionality of the software and other subject of interst.
  • Multi-language translation system of every screen.