The primary target of BlueByte Software is to develop applications for quick, accurate and simplified usage from the customers. The company presents FashionWorks, which covers, exclusively, the needs and demands of retail and wholesales business working in the field of fashion and shoes.

FashionWorks covers:
  • Group of companies.
  • Companies with multiple branches (franchisees and fully owned branches).
  • Branches with multiple points of selling and multiple storage areas.

FashionWorks is innovative software bound with the following powerful tasks:

  • It connects suppliers with supplying goods
  • Stock Balances by Size/Color
  • Orders Remainders
  • Customized category fields for each item
  • The user can design and add unlimited number of fields to cover all his needs
  • Sales period defined for the whole store or for each item
  • Multiple changes in stocks data via simple and fast procedures
  • Multiple Barcode recognition (manufacturer’s barcode, barcode from a previous application)
  • Physical Inventory accompanied by wireless data entry through PDAs
  • Accounting Inventory

Full Customer Tracking

  • Detailed Customer Record
  • Marketing module to accommodate Customer Barcode and Member’s cards
  • Specialised discount rates and tailored pricing methods without creating complicated price lists


  • P.O.S. Console using multiple Barcodes, simultaneously
  • Item trade-off at the same retail transaction
  • Multiple salespersons in the same retail transaction
  • Multiple paying methods in the same retail transaction (credit cards and/or cash)
  • Discount rate or amount over the total transaction amount
  • Customer Barcode
  • Fast item location without Barcode
  • Notification for reserved items
  • “Best Selling Garment” – feature to simplify and organise the orders of the most profitable and fast selling items
  • On-line connection with Cash Registers

Order Tracking and Administration

  • Barcode recognition to shorten the order process
  • Proportional Size Metrics orders
  • Order Remainders-Surplus
  • Simple transformation circuit between orders and invoices
  • Supplier filtering during the order recording
  • Stock reservations throughout the branches
  • Retail transaction transformations

Additional Features

FashionWorks embodies features that allow the detailed monitoring of all the financial aspects of the company:


  • Multiple invoice transformations
  • Expense tracking created from the order but not included in the invoice (delivery expenses, insurance fees, FOB, custom charges)

Cheque Administration

  • Cheque and money orders tracking
  • Cash Flow management

Financial Aspects

  • Tracking of Bank charges and credit card commissions
  • Tracking of all the flexible and variable operation expenses

Barcode Label Printing

  • Barcode label printing based on the supplier’s invoices, on a specific item or on store transactions

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