Food & Beverage and POS

BlueByte is a highly innovative company with a primary aim of developing worthy software, which can offer the right combination of Functionality, Technology, Ease and Price.

We are achieving this goal for over 15 years, helping effectively our thousands of customers to increase their financial productivity.

Additionally, providing quality products and services of high standards constitutes to a continuous development. Our experience of thousands of installations and researches, supervised by skilful and dedicated scientists, ensures that we can add a great value to your work in any matter.

F&B Works by BlueByte is a new powerful software application, offering a complete management to any restaurant business using Microsoft Windows. It is one unified and unique tool, for the entire management of purchases and sales in all phases, and not two separate products like any common F&B software.

Another exclusive capability of F&B Works for restaurant chains is the monitoring of multiple points of sale (P.O.S.), situated even in different locations and dealing with different kind of products. All the systems communicate with each other using online technologies, while they operate a single database.

The direct sales management software is specially designed to be operated with ease through a touch screen monitor. Items are shown as pictures using large icons for easier access. A customer’s order can be placed with just a few “touch clicks”. All orders are monitored per waiter and POS. All different combinations of payment can be performed, i.e. cash, credit card, providing flexibility and efficiency due to its design.

Placing an order using a wireless device such as a PDA, is also included in the program. This feature was developed using the HTML language and the Internet Browser technology in order to achieve maximum compatibility and accessibility. When an order is placed, the database is automatically updated and forwards the specific items to the various printers, i.e. kitchen, bar, POS.

The user may define PDA’s interface either to quick order or enriched mode according to the restaurant services.

F&B Works management system contains:

  • Multiple stock reserves monitoring per item and per point of sale.
  • Quantities and values supervision, stocktaking, inner-distribution and items alteration.
  • Pricing can be observed through a common price list or even a different one for every point of sale.
  • Suppliers, purchase and order invoices.
  • Customers, customer invoices.
  • Financial transactions, i.e. charges, debits, incomings and payments of all the above categories.
  • Paycheck management.
  • Online connection for transferring all financial transactions from all units to the Accounts Program of BlueByte or their export to even third party financial software.

The software application also includes:

  • Fast and dynamic search engine for all database elements and export to other applications, e.g. Microsoft Excel.
  • Reports Designer. The users have the ability of designing and fitting in reports of their own preference.
  • Flexible database engine of astonishing high performance.
  • Fast Backup (file saving).
  • The application provides Internet Forum, with questions and answers concerning the functionality of the software and other subject of interest.
  • Multi-language translation system of every screen.