Real Estate Works

Real Estate Works Web

Real Estate Works Web is an innovative online property management application with automated correlation of supply and demand for Real Estate Companies of any size. It is based on the international model of software as a service (Software as a Service) and on years of experience of BlueByte Software. The valuable partner for every real estate agency.

Advantages of using software as a service (Software as a Service or SaaS):

  • Low initial cost.
  • Zero cost for buying and installing software.
  • Zero cost for maintenance and software upgrades.
  • Shorter software start-up.
  • Automatic installation and update of software.
  • Automatic backups.
  • Use of software anywhere, anytime, on any operating system.
  • Ability to directly exploit new technologies, without any additional cost.

Application capabilities

Administration - Office Manager

  • Ability to create unlimited users and configure the rights of the groups to which they belong.

    User Groups:
    • Employees
      All employees, including the manager, can see the sensitive data of properties (street/number and client data), the demands (customer data) and their clients that have been created by other employees, the manager or associates chosen to share their data.
    • Associates
      Sensitive data of properties, demands and customers created by agency associates, not shown to anyone other than the associate who entered them, unless he has chosen to share this information with the rest of the real estate agency.
  • User details and connection statistics.
  • Statistics of user productivity and easy transfer of properties and demands to another user.
  • List of clients with search filters and comprehensive customer account.

Property Offer

  • List of properties with multiple filters (basic and advanced) for easy search
  • Detailed property information
  • Photos and videos of the property
  • List of related demands in the property tab
  • Connection of property to client account
  • Easy property copy
  • Property assignment and lease agreement printing
  • Online connection with real estate portals for easy transfer
  • Search of property address in Google Maps

Property Demand

  • List of property demands with multiple filters (basic and advanced) for easy search
  • Account with details of property demand
  • List of correlated properties in the demand account and easy management
  • Ability to correlate customer account with demand account
  • Easy copy for quick demand registration

Additional Application Capabilities

  • Online export in various real estate portals
  • Automatic construction of ads
  • Integrated ads management system with massive creation per form and category
  • A plethora of printing orders, reports and statistics derive information from the record evidence and present all possible forms
  • Office – Site Management

Real Estate Works Website

It is the ultimate tool for the real estate agency, and the point of contact for those looking for and those offering properties. Its aim is to facilitate the process of finding all kinds of properties, offering the easiest and friendliest possible way of search to users.

Application Capabilities

  • Plenty of filters for easy search
  • Comparison of properties
  • Featured property searches
  • Addition of favorite properties
  • Featured first-page properties
  • View of recent posts on homepage
  • Client communication form with the real estate agency
  • Application form for the selected property

Real Estate Works Mobile

The Real Estate Works Mobile of BlueByte Software is an application for smartphones that allows you to have your main application’s data without the need for internet. See your appointments and properties anytime, contact customers and, where there is access to the internet, find the location of the property on the map and synchronize the data of your mobile with those of Real Estate Works Web.

Application Capabilities

  • View of the agent’s appointments and the demands and properties correlated with them.
  • Listing of new properties and new appointments.
  • Direct phone call or email to the customer.
  • Synchronization with central database at any time, through 3G or Wi-Fi.