Accounting books

Account Works is a software application for managing any kind of finances. It is based on International Accounting Patterns of Charges and Credit.

It can be used individually or in combination with any other commercial programs of BlueByte Software.

It also includes the management of Books Class B’ and C’, while applying the Greek General Accounting Plan and supporting the Book and Element Code.

  • Every account can be developed defining a number of parameters, similar to the united accounting plan for general, departmental or free form.
  • The user may modify or extend any Account elements.
  • A financial transaction may be saved through “step by step” wizards.
  • Accounts can be grouped for better supervision, while element analysis for a given transaction is supported. For example, a suppliers account with analysis of their Tax Registration Number, etc, during a transaction.
  • Model Accounting Patterns can be created in order to be used as a wizard.
  • Paycheck monitoring is also supported.
  • Transactions may be definitively updated, according to a deadline.
  • There is also a complete module for creating automatically a transaction of analyzed accounting.
  • ASCII Balances can be created.
  • An accounting plan of a company can be easily transferred to a new one.
  • Close and open transactions can be automatically created.
  • Import and export of transactions and accounts for transferring them to third party account programs is another feature.
  • There is also available an Online connection and import of transactions with any programs of BlueByte Software.
  • All data entries can be transferred to other applications of Windows like Excel, Word etc.
  • There is a great number of available reports like balance, detailed and general ledgers, journals, income statements, revenues, graphs.
  • Reports Designer. The user has the ability of designing and fitting in reports of his/her own preference.