BlueByte Software, having as an objective the integrated coverage for its customers, has specialized and experienced engineers being available on a daily basis (Monday - Friday, 09.30 - 17.30, with the exception of special cases where support is provided 365 days per year).

The basic services BlueByte Software offers, are described briefly as follows:

  • Telephone support

    Depending on the BlueByte Software application the customer has, there is always a specialized team of engineers ready to solve, immediately and comprehensibly, any query.

    There is also the capability of connecting with the Remote Desktop Connection (it is offered together with WINDOWS and is configured by the engineer of the customer) which allows communication of two computers via the Internet. With this method even more complex problems can be solved in even lesser time.

    An alternative method, that allowing communication of two computers via the Internet, is the Team Viewer application which you can download it from here: Team Viewer Client.

  • Training

    The training for the use of programs is carried out by specially trained personnel following an appointment. Training courses take place either at the customer's site, or at the BlueByte Software offices in Thessaloniki, in Athens, or in Nicosia.

  • Special printing and application construction

    In the case of special needs, there is the capability for building specialized printing and applications, which provide a solution to any particularity presented. The solutions provided are implemented after a detailed analysis and recording of the needs that must be covered, by giving great importance to the diachronic nature of the construction.

  • Engineer visit

    In the case where some problem cannot be sold by phone or via a dispatch of a backup, then there is the capability for dispatching a specialized engineer at the customer's site.

  • New versions

    BlueByte Software, always in cooperation with its customers, develops on a permanent basis all its applications. Thus, regularly, new program versions are created that include all the new technologies of the computer sector and many new capabilities. The new versions are received by the customers via the dispatch of a CD or via any other electronic means.

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